Live your potential

We believe in personal growth and balance as the key to success. Get the best out of yourself with Live your potential, our personal development program for everyone who works with us.

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How the program works

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    Reach your personal goals

    During your start you will meet your personal supervisor, your Field Manager. Together you discuss your challenges and future ambitions.

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    Bring out the best in yourself

    When you have fun and feel good about yourself, you achieve more together. We help you to develop in four dimensions.

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    Your Field Manager will help you on your way

    With our Live your potential menu you choose how you want to grow. Your Field Manager supports you in your development.

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    Annual day full of inspiration

    Our Live your potential Experience is a day full of masterclasses, talks and training sessions to gain inspiration together and discover what appeals to you.

Develop yourself through four dimensions

We believe that the key to success lies in personal development and balance in four dimensions: body, emotions, mind and inspiration. Because when you feel healthy and inspired, you bring out the best in each other. Live your potential helps you with that.

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1. Body

A body that is well maintained and strong can handle a lot. It provides energy for your daily activities and that is why physical is the first dimension within Live your potential.

2. Emotions

How do you deal with your own emotions? And those of others? Recognising and acknowledging emotions offers enrichment in life and is also known as emotional intelligence.

3. Mind

Mind is our third dimension and includes our thoughts and thought processes. Awareness of one's own thoughts and actions, and awareness of how others think and act.

4. Inspiration

We believe that working from intrinsic motives gives the most pleasure. Inspired and with energy. This is what the last dimension of Inspiration revolves around.

Customized coaching by a team of specialists

In the Live your potential program we work with professional coaches who help you achieve your goals. As successful athletes, thinkers and entrepreneurs, they guide you from their unique backgrounds and expertise.

Live your potential Experience

Every year we organise the Live your potential Experience – a day full of masterclasses, talks and training for professional and personal growth. Here you will get inspiration and learn new skills, together with other Kayakers.

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We are happy to tell you more about how we work at Kayak and how we can help you or your organisation.

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